About m-View

At m-View our mission is simple: The visualisation of evidence, intelligence and awareness. 

m-View Live Video (m-View) is an innovative Australian company with global reach.

A market leading mobile video solution company that specialises in providing live video streaming, body worn cameras, in-car-video systems and content and digital asset management solutions across all industries.

m-View’s customers have demand for high quality, reliable and integrated solutions and represent Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Local Government, Industry and Private Sector organisations. 

Knowledge is power, and we empower customers with the digital advantage of video to assist with managing evidence, enhancing business processes and performance, or for situational awareness, security and safety.

Intelligent Business

m-View® live streaming video is a world leader in video intelligence. Implemented in the field to improve efficiency, and to government services to provide security and safety, m-View intelligent innovative solutions enhance business performance.

m-View technologies are recognised and awarded around the world and have been embraced by some of the world’s leading private companies, organisations and government agencies.


Our Partners

Saves lives. Saves time.

In an emergency situation being able to access live real time information can save lives and takes the guess work out of critical response decisions. m-View helps reduce the number of people and staff members at risk on the ground and enhances community safety through co-ordinated communication and alerts.

Able to stream over mobile networks and share intelligence across multiple organisations takes your situational awareness to new levels, enabling you to stay in the know and reduces the need to travel to and from sites. 

m-View creates critical efficiency gains that streamline how you do business.

m-View is vital intelligence for business.