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Pre-schools. Schools. University. Collage. 

Knowledge sharing is the basis of all great education, m-View makes the impracticalities of field work or connecting with experts obsolete with our live streaming video solutions.

Relaying reliable and accurate information can be complex, and our enterprise solutions take the guesswork out of situations where training is off-site or education is beyond learning about the theory. M-View takes the risk, hassle and travel out of learning while portraying the full field-experience by bringing streaming video of field or remote work into the classroom.

Bringing live education to business and schools saves time and allows connection to essential services like never before; building experts can advise onsite workers in remote areas, and teachers can assess children in outback Australia.

M-View solutions make the impractical possible, by eliminating the problems of prohibitive travel and providing effective knowledge sharing for best practice education options for businesses, governments and schools.