Emergency Services

Save time. Save lives. Ambulance. Fire. Emergency responders.

In emergency situations, timing and accurate information for decision-makers is critical.

Our body-worn cameras (BWCs) and enterprise solutions enable workers to quickly assess emergency situations and respond with accuracy.

Live streaming video from the ground or the air via our Maveo range takes the guesswork out of dangerous situations; reducing risk, enabling more informed decisions and saving lives.

m-View’s software and hardware solutions cover all areas and angles, keeping emergency crews informed with real-time next-generational situational awareness. This is game-changing technology; intelligence in motion.


Healthcare workers are able to monitor patients remotely. Firefighters know the whereabouts and condition of people in danger. Further to situational awareness, crews can monitor remote areas for the early detection and prevention of incidents or threats.

Emergency services can share information for more coordinated responses. Information collected by our cloud-based Altitude software can be used for training emergency personnel, or for reviewing a situation to improve protocols.

When timing and accurate information is everything, intelligent solutions are critical.

Empower emergency services with m-View’s superior solutions and experience intelligence in motion.