Real-time situational awareness.
Construction. Mining. 

Having real-time situational awareness in the mining and construction sectors requires game-changing technology.

Intelligent operations require intelligent solutions that cover every angle, and m-View’s sophisticated software and hardware ensure no area is left unattended.

Empower project managers to track progress on multiple worksites, identify and resolve faults, and monitor restricted areas.

Conduct virtual site tours from head office, use our body worn cameras (BWCs) Matrix or Matrix2 to stream from your team in the field.

The ability to make collaborative decisions quickly and easily between on-site workers and head office improves productivity and increases cost savings.


Reducing the need for experts to be on-site cuts travel and organisational costs.

The mobile and wireless design of our technology ensures quick and easy deployment, making expensive cabling and networking unnecessary.

Ensuring safety, security across the mining and construction sectors is made easy with m-View’s superior technology.

m-View’s superior technology offers an all-access video solution that empowers industries to operate intelligently,  increasing productivity and safety.