Law Enforcement

De-escalate situations.
Accurate video evidence. Police.
People. Places.


Applied knowledge is power and our m-View solutions empower operatives and law enforcement agencies to achieve optimal outcomes from high-risk situations.

Live streaming of situations from our body worn technology Matrix or Matrix2, or mobile solutions of Maveo, allows for immediate risk assessment and the ability to de-escalate threatening situations.

During covert surveillance operations, our technology streams live footage to decision-makers through our Altitude or Focus software. This intelligence provides content for informed decisions and better outcomes, decreasing risk and ensuring the details of the incident are accurately recorded.

Making informed decisions in a timely matter is critical for uniformed police and those engaging in covert operations.

The live streaming of law enforcement through our BWCs provides clarity over complex situations and increases safety for everyone involved.

The video captured and stored on our Altitude technology can be used as evidence in court, or for training new enforcement personnel.