Live Viewer

Live multi-video stream viewing

Live Viewer
Infinite viewing.
Limitless possibility.

Multi-screen, multi-stream and real-time viewing empowers you with the whole picture, simultaneously.

Live Viewer provides the capability to capture, save and export high-quality video from multiple viewing streams.

An integrated GPS system allows you to access the precise location of camera feeds, ensuring the safety of all staff and fleets. For easy implementation with your current tracking technology, Live Viewer has the ability to be integrated into existing GPS mapping systems.

Be with your team in the field when it matters or monitor your operational worksites remotely; it’s the ultimate position of being present and removed to make real-time decisions without being on the front line.

A powerful incident management device, m-view Live Viewer is the ultimate simultaneous surveillance
tool for operations and incident
control centres.

Capture, view and export snapshots from any video stream. Toggle between camera feeds to ensure a complete view of any situation. Feeds can be viewed from all m-View broadcast endpoints.

Infinite and empowered viewing of any situation has never been so simple, fast and accurate.

Experience extensive and infinite viewing by seizing the opportunity of quality and unlimited surveillance with m-View Live Viewer.


Live Viewer Features

Live video viewing 
View events as they happen from multiple video streaming feeds simultaneously.

Live Snapshots Gallery
Capture and view snapshots from live video streams,  instantly export and send images. 

Customisable Viewing Grid 

The multi-camera grid view is fully customisable by using a simple drag and drop function. 

Pop-up Windows

Pop-up windows allow for display of multiple feeds across multiple screens.  

GPS Location Tracking

View camera locations live on the GPS map view, ensuring the safety of your fleet or team. 

Audio control

Control the audio for any live stream separately, allowing you to focus on any video.

“I would recommend this solution for other emergency services throughout Australia or even around the world, because it’s given us the ability to have live situational awareness video. To be able to actually see a picture of what’s happening in the field rather than having to imagine what that looks like gives us the advantage of knowing rather than guessing what’s happening out there”.

Station Officer Graham Tait, AFSM GIFireE, Systems Officer,

Operational Communications, Fire & Rescue NSW



Law Enforcement
De-escalate situations and uphold the truth; enable optimal outcomes.
Emergency Services
In emergency situations, timing and accurate information is everything.
Ensure the safety of professionals working to keep us healthy and safe. 
Intelligence in motion ensures 24/7 protection for people and places.
Knowledge sharing is the basis of all effective training and education.
Generate efficiencies and improve workplace safety across remote locations.