Local Government

Safety by surveillance. Councils. Parks. Public areas.

Our m-View body-worn cameras (BWCs) and enterprise solutions are helping local government support and care for their municipalities through intelligent surveillance and monitoring.

Councils are enjoying new levels of safety and security, helping their staff monitor public areas including gardens, public facilities and sporting grounds.

Live surveillance through Maveo solutions and using the Focus and Altitude technology, empower councils to keep areas safe, improve crowd management, ensure public protection and uphold the enforcement of automated parking systems.

Many councils choose m-View body-worn BWCs and enterprise technology as the solution to challenging graffiti management.

Our exceptional video monitoring hardware enables councils to reduce spending on graffiti removal programs, and our cloud-based Altitude software is used as evidence in court to prosecute offenders.

With the mobile and mountable cameras in our Maveo solutions, no area needs to be left unattended.

m-View hardware and software solutions offer the ultimate in capturing and conveying intelligence in motion, ideal for all levels of government.