Advanced Solution Suite for Enhanced Visibility, Safety

Fiji Sun. February 8 2020

The new partnership exemplifies Foneology and m-View’s commitment to providing its clients with world-class video solutions for optimal vision and safety.

Foneology Solutions, the Fiji leading telecommunications and ICT services provider, this week announced that they have partnered with m-View Live Video to offer enhanced vision solutions to the Fijian public safety market.

m-View’s solution suite allows for live-streaming and recording through body-worn cameras, and in-vehicle video systems.

This vision is then stored and managed in m-View’s digital evidence management system.

Providing these solutions to the New South Wales (NSW) Police, NSW Fire and Rescue, NSW Ambulance, and more, m-View have established themselves as a trusted supplier to Australian Government and private sector organisations.

Through partnering with m-View, Foneology can bring their advanced solution suite to Fiji for enhanced visibility and safety.

With Foneology being awarded ‘Best Medium Business Operating Internationally’ twice at the Prime Minister’s International Business Awards, this international partnership is a natural next step.

“The teams at Foneology are excited about this partnership because it allows us to expand our public safety solutions and bring the latest in high-quality video evidence technology to Fiji,” said James Trusler, Managing Director at Foneology Solutions.
“m-View specialises in video evidence solutions and have a proven track record in Australia so we are confident that together we can offer the highest service to our Fijian customers”.

“Foneology’s track record of delivering best-of-breed solutions to the Fijian market is impressive. At m-View, our mission is to provide vision in critical situations, when it is needed the most,” Matt Cameron, CEO of m-View Live Video said.
‘We are excited to partner with Foneology to extend our solutions to Fiji and the South Pacific region,” he said.