Unlimited Potential.

Superior control of your digital assets.

Scale to the greatest of digital heights with Altitude, a comprehensive Digital Asset Management System (DAMS).

Altitude is a central data repository and evidence management system, as well as the broadcast hub for all live streaming content distribution.

Experience the ease of audit logging and reporting, ensuring the information you require is accessible and secure.

Altitude handles all recorded content including storage and distribution, user management and policy enforcement.

With Altitude, you can digitally control all your assets and it can be easily integrated into Active Directory and
your ESB.

Additional integration options can enable integration to other third party (internal and external) systems to import and export media and metadata to and from Altitude.

A complete and intelligent data management system, Altitude empowers you with heightened
digital control.

Altitude Features
Power at your finger tips.

Flexible Deployment
Altitude is available as  Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), private cloud or on-premise. 
Content Management
Superior evidence management capabilities including collection, management and distribution to internal and external parties.
Storage Flexibility
All metadata is stored centrally, yet content can be locally or centrally stored and retrieved.
Browser Enabled
Requires only browser access for complete functionality. Altitude is compatible with most browsers. 
Complete Audit tracking
Altitude logs all activities to ensure traceability of all actions within the system.

Experience user and group access management with role-based and policy-based access control.

Natural Intelligence

Store, organise, review, recover and share your intelligence with your trusted partners.