Exceptional Mobility

Intelligent mobile capability. 

m-View’s mobile app Focus enables colleagues, customers or staff to securely connect to multiple live streams via their Android or iOS mobiles.

Low latency video allows for optimal viewing over mobile networks and streams without draining your data. Take snapshots and share them via Focus, ensuring critical content is sent quickly to team members or staff.

Focus has both viewing and streaming capabilities; use your mobile to live stream to many people simultaneously, or connect your mobile to Wi-Fi and tether from body worn cameras. 

Focus empowers you with the unique advantage to be with your team yet removed from the front line, providing a clear view of any situation from your mobile. 

Take advantage of live footage from your chosen camera direct to Focus, and view events as they happen. Make informed decisions in the moment, all from your mobile.

The ability for multiple viewers to watch one live feed at the same time ensures all stakeholders are involved in
the action.

Experience m-View’s Focus, enabling intelligence in motion from your
mobile device.

Focus Features
Intelligently mobile

Tether from BWCs
Use Wi-Fi to tether to BWCs for viewing live streaming from the field.
Easy Dashboard
Same simple dashboard as the BWCs, displays battery level and camera storage.
Focus uses low bandwidth through low latency video, saving your mobile data.
Live view & GPS 
Enjoy a live view of other users’ broadcasts and location.
RBAC- User permissions 
Role Based Access Control allows for control over user permissions.  
Mobile Networks
Low latency video allows for optimal streaming over mobile networks.

Mobile Capability

High-speed collaboration changes how emergency services work. Real-time surveillance enhances how businesses and governments operate making for effective, optimal outcomes.