Unlimited Potential.

Mobile video for access to every angle.  

Imagine vision where there was none, giving you access to every possible angle – anywhere, anytime. 

Maveo delivers the whole picture with live HD streaming and stored footage recorded from vehicles, trucks, aircrafts, boats, remote sites and more. 

Our fully portable, mountable and remote-controlled cameras allow you to track and monitor your fleet, equipment and staff in real-time. 

Maveo integrates with In-Car Video providing evidence (admissible in court) of compliance to legislation, or contract SLAs, overall reducing your risk of liability when interacting with the public.

When used with our Altitude software, Maveo ensures you have complete control over all cameras and recordings. Instantly share video or photos with those who need it. 

Invest in the safety of your staff, fleet or business assets and experience the efficiency of having real time logistic information. 

Maveo empowers you with access to every angle, whenever and wherever you need it. 


Maveo Features

Tracking your assets

All Vehicles and Sites 
Mobile Video Solution for many applications; remote locations, cars, trucks, motorcycles, aircraft, boats and more.

Multiple Streams 
Broadcast HD live streams from multiple cameras on multiple vehicles. 

Full Control 

Headless systems with always-on recording or integrated triggers ensures full control of all recordings. 

Realtime Operation

Track and monitor your fleet in real-time, increasing safety and logistics. 

Secure Storage 

Store and manage your video in the cloud with automatic retention policy and archiving. Enjoy over-the-air software updates.

More Features

Manage video data and cycle-overwrite. Enjoy easy USB, automatic Wi-Fi and 4G offload.

Limitless Capability

High-speed collaboration changes how emergency services work. Real-time surveillance enhances how businesses and governments operate providing effective, optimal outcomes.


Intelligence in motion ensures 24/7 protection for people and places.
Emergency Services
In emergency situations, timing and accurate information is everything.
Law Enforcement
De-escalate situations and uphold the truth; enable optimal outcomes.
Generate efficiencies and improve workplace safety across remote locations.
Local Government
Safety by surveillance. Keeping parks, gardens and public areas protected.


Maveo Specification
Camera Support: Highly scalable and efficient system, can support high numbers of HD IP cameras
m-View supplies a range of specialty cameras for all vehicle types and applications support ONVIF standard IP cameras, Pan-tilt-zoom camera support
Sample Configurations:  10 Cameras DVR recording at 720p 30fps @ 4mbps H.264
 5 Cameras recording at 1080p 30fps @ 8mbps H.264 (with all 5 live-streaming in CIF or D1 simultaneously)
 5 Cameras recording at 4MP (2688*1520) 30fps, 8mbps H.265 (with all 5 cameras live-streaming in CIF or D1 simultaneously)
Resolution Support all resolutions up to 4K or as supported by the camera model.
File Type MP4
Compression H.265, H.264 video, AAC audio
Always on DVR MAVEO records continuously whenever powered on
Trigger Based DVR MAVEO is started and stopped via automated or manual trigger events
Pre-record Configurable pre-record up to 1 hour
Configurable Audio Mute during pre-record
Web based configuration by administrator of camera settings
Integration Integrate to existing applications via MAVEO’s REST API
Live preview, Stop/start record, recording status, search by date/time and event type, playback of recordings, file offload status, health status of MAVEO and connected cameras
File and Metadata
USB Offload Sync to external USB Drive
Configurable Stop recording when full, or cyclic-overwrite
Automated USB ingest into m-View Altitude
Wireless Offload Use Wi-Fi/LTE to offload to m-View Altitude
Local Cache offload or Direct to Cloud
Auto-offload with no user intervention
User Provisioning SCIM, ADFS, Azure AD
Role-Based Access Define Role-based-Access profiles, AD Group policy
Authentication LDAP, Azure Federation, ADFS
File Validation SHA2-256
Certificate Client-server certificate signed APIs
Data at Rest Encrypted SSD Drive (AES-256)
AES-256 encryption (files copied to USB)
Data in Transit SSL with TLS1.2
Chain of Custody
Chain of Custody Recordings and metadata are reported to m-View Altitude wirelessly. Audit trail of user actions.
File Validation SHA-256 hash validates that recordings are untampered and original copies
Live streaming
Cameras Low-latency streaming over 3G/4G
Multiple cameras can stream in parallel
Remotely control pan-tilt-zoom cameras
Live Viewing Web Viewing in Edge, IE, Chrome, browsers
Command Centre Live Viewer App for multi-vehicle, multi-camera viewing
Command Centre App can automatically cycle through all cameras in the vehicle. Select audio channel, mute audio per channel
Track GPS in real-time
Mobile app viewing (iOS, Android)
Live Dashboard Monitor in real-time fleet status, system health, storage, GPS location, file offload progress
Configuration Web configuration of in-field vehicles by admin
Software Updates Over-the-air software updates of vehicles in the field