Reduce risk with superior surveillance. Courts. Prisons. Public spaces. 

Intelligence in motion streamed in real-time to authorities is optimal security for prisons, courts and security centres.

m-View body-worn cameras (BWCs) improve security through live and recorded surveillance. Live streaming with our enterprise Maveo solutions to monitor locations for threats and incidents.

Our BWCs Matrix and Matrix2 protect security personnel while doing their job. Prisons and courts credit our BWCs for ensuring the safety of their guards and heightening security.

Only with real-time information can you make informed and quick security decisions. CCTV and real-time streaming allow for the ultimate in safety for commercial or public areas.

Receiving reliable streamed information when it matters takes the risk and guesswork out of heightened situations. All data collected can be used as evidence in court or to train security personnel.

With its cloud-based technology, m-View solutions enhance the security of people and places through intelligent surviellance.